Cómo, cuándo y por qué te salen bien las cosas

A modo de resumen-recordatorio añado un extracto de un interesante artículo


Let’s turn those problem-focused questions into solution-focused ones:

* When have I been trading with good discipline? What do I do differently at those times?

* When have I executed trades well? What helped me find good prices for my entries?

* When have I done a good job managing the risk of a particular trade or a particular trading day? What did I draw upon to implement good risk management?

* When have I traded with better confidence? What did I do at those times that helped give me stronger conviction in my trades and my trading?

* When have I stuck with my winning trades a little longer than usual? What went through my mind at those times that allowed me to milk the trade?

* When have I done a good job of preparing for the day’s trading? What, specifically, did I do to be (and feel) well-prepared?

* When have I been successful with my stock-picking? What did I look for to tell me which names would provide me with the greatest opportunity?

* When have I done a good job of stepping back from the screen and from trading? What helped me make the decision to slow down or stop my trading?

The solution-focused perspective tells us that there are always times when we *don’t* fall into our problem patterns. The key to success is to figure out what we’re doing when we enact exceptions to our problems.


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